Theater, Visual Arts
Program Type:
Residency, Workshop, Teacher
Grades Served:
Historical & Cultural Context:
Native American, Pacific Islander
Arts Integration Subjects:
History/Social Studies, English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science
Special Education:


Dramatic Results is an award-winning, non-profit, agency that brings the arts and academic success to low-income and underrepresented students throughout L.A. County. Through Dramatic Results’ arts-integrated, project-based programs, students apply Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) concepts to create real-life solutions that are exciting, personal and relevant. Through this in-class experiential process, students also develop their creativity and hands-on “making” skills via the engineering design process. All Dramatic Results programs align to lower elementary Common Core State Standards, Next Generation Science Standards and State and National Arts Standards. Project examples include 1st grade sculptors who examine color theory and solids, 3rd grade architects who use the Engineering Design Process and experiment with the laws of motion to create 3-D Magnetic Sculptures and Multiple Pathway Domino Art, and 4th grade basket-makers who learn about geometry, culture and history. Not only are students more engaged and excited to come to school, but independent evaluation validates that Dramatic Results’ programs help L.A. County’s most vulnerable students build vital academic and life skills to help them succeed in school and, ultimately, build stable lives for themselves and for their future families.

Student Programming:

All Dramatic Results’ programs are Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math (STEAM) integrated, hands-on, and problem-based. They are taught in the classroom, in small groups, and enable students to apply common core concepts to real-life models by making hands-on, original art projects. Dramatic Results gives students a chance to explore, experience, and apply the engineering design process and other key tools to identify problems, find unique solutions, and lead their own learning. As students learn and discover together, education becomes far more engaging. Dramatic Results currently has three programs available for Kindergarten through 6th grade, along with a Bridge Program that focuses on students with higher social-emotional needs.

All STEAMed Up is Dramatic Results’ newest program and is designed for kindergarten through 3rd grade. Each program is uniquely designed to align with content standards for each grade, with special emphasis on the Next Generation Science Standards and the engineering design process to create hands-on art projects. Projects range from building squishy circuit boards to designing artbots, to studying life cycles and the elements of art in the creation of clay turtles.

Math in a Basket, Dramatic Results’ flagship program, integrates math, social studies and the arts, as 4th graders plan, design, and make reed baskets from scratch. They practice art and design concepts, and master skills in measurement, algebraic formulas and geometric concepts.

Increasing Math, introduces 5th and 6th graders to the ancient art of paper folding, known as origami, as a way to explore math and all facets of the Engineering Design Process. Students also explore potential career options through the inherent commercial and industrial applications of their hands-on art projects.