Learning and Leadership

Our work as a collective impact initiative is to engage many partners in achieving our shared goals. We do this by shining light on promising practices and connecting and uplifting community voices to help guide the work. We proudly serve as a convener and connector to share arts education resources from and for our partners in the field. It is our belief that through connecting and expanding as a network of diverse voices and experiences, who are representative of the communities they serve, the more we can realize equity, and provide healing and opportunities for transformation. That is why we are proud to prioritize collaboration through active listening and collective action—to move forward together.


Models And Resources

Promising practices, community profiles and resources to support collaboration and growth.

Arts Ed Innovation Lab

Archive of leadership and network development, including Art of Leadership and Prototypes.

Leadership BOdies

Leaders guiding visioning and implementing the goals of the Arts Ed Blueprint, including Funders Council and Youth Advisors.


Ways to Engage


Join with people from across our arts ed communities and build new connections.



If you have any other questions about the services above, send us an email at artsedcollective@arts.lacounty.gov