Program Background

The LA County Arts Ed Collective is excited to offer “The Art of Leadership: Uncovering Your Hidden Potential”, a Theory U-based leadership development intensive for arts education leaders of all levels.

This opportunity grows out of the Arts Ed Innovation Lab (AEIL), an assembly of cross-sector leaders working toward the shared goal that all 1.5 million public school students in LA County receive ongoing, high-quality arts education as part of a complete education. Launched in January 2017, the Innovation Lab’s strategic visioning has been guided by Theory U and facilitated by the Presencing Institute. To date, the AEIL has produced a draft Framework for Action and launched more than a dozen prototypes to test new approaches for scaling arts education across the County. This work will serve as the foundation for updating the LA County Regional Plan for Arts Education in 2019.

About The Art of Leadership:Uncovering Your Leadership Potential

The Art of Leadership is a three-month Theory U -based leadership series for arts education leaders from across LA County who are interested in and/or are already working to advance systems-change in arts education.

This multi-session program (5 days spread over 3 months) will focus on individual leadership development for emerging and established leaders by incorporating principals of Theory U, an awareness-based framework for social change developed at MIT.

These principles and practices include:

  • The Power of Listening and Conversation
  • Developing three (inner) Instruments: Open Heart, Open Mind, Open Will
  • Accessing and bringing forth one’s Authentic Self
  • Overcoming barriers in one’s Inner Work

As participants grow their personal leadership capacities and skills, they will collaborate to align efforts with similar work across the County, and connect their work to broader regional and/or statewide initiatives.

Participants will:

  • Learn how to sense and seize future opportunities and how to connect to the deeper journey of their personal and professional lives in order to become a more effective leader and change-maker
  • Learn practices to transcend old behavior patterns, realize new possibilities, and enable transformation and innovation
  • Explore personal blind spots as leaders and expand awareness
  • Learn to pay attention to what’s going on in ways that lead to the opening of the mind, heart, and will. This holistic opening a shift in awareness: participants recognize the future in the present moment and learn from that spark of the future as it emerges
  • Explore ways of enhancing personal leadership presence through practices that cultivate calm, observation, and focus; explore how these practices are being used in organizations and learn what networking resources can help to sustain the practices in life and in work The series uses interactive presentations, experiential learning, reflective exercises, case studies, and embodiment practices

Selection for Participation:

Those selected for participation will reflect a diverse group of leaders to build relationships, including:

  • A balance of emerging and established professionals
  • Arts professionals working in education (credentialed arts teachers, principals, classroom teachers, district arts coordinators, curriculum specialists, etc.
  • Arts organization administrators
  • Teaching artists
  • Community organizers and advocates
  • Professionals geographically located across LA County

Participants MUST Commit to:

  • Participate in a phone interview (20-30 minute) with Leadership Intensive facilitators as part of the application process
  • Attend and participate in ALL scheduled Leadership Intensive sessions
  • Complete individual and collaborative activities between sessions

In addition, participants will be invited to submit session proposals for the LA County Arts Ed Collective 2019 Arts Summit - (Oct 2019 – tentative)

Register to Apply

The application period has closed.

Program Contact

Deb Morales
Coordinator, Arts Education

Session 1: Seeing the System and My Role in It

Session 2: My Leadership Edge and the Field of the Future.

Session 3: Bringing it Back Home - Applying Listening, Conversation, Feedback.