If young people are to contribute to LA County's creative economy, they must have access to information and learning opportunities that prepare them for success in creative careers.



Los Angeles is often seen as synonymous with Hollywood. In fact, the creative industries, made up in large part by Hollywood, generate 18.5% of the jobs in LA County. More importantly, the creative industries include more than film and television, offering a number of career options across multiple industries. In order to develop the wide range of skills that lead to these jobs and careers, youth in LA County need access to information, learning, opportunities, and support systems that shatter current barriers to entry.


Identify, align and leverage resources for providing youth, ages 14-24 years old, with concrete entry points into the creative workforce.


The Creative Career Pathways work is funded through the Cultural Equity and Inclusion Initiative (CEII), which was adopted by the LA County Board of Supervisors in April 2017. For the full list of recommendations, please review the report.

Opportunities for work in Los Angeles County's creative occupations are not limited to people who have earned a bachelor's degree. Nor are they only open to those with traditional arts training.

This report summarizes what we know about career opportunities in the creative industries and existing pathways to those occupations for youth who experience barriers to employment.

News & Resources

News and updates for the Creative Career Pathways initiative.

Here you'll find a list of creative occupations across a variety of industries.

Share information about your interest or work in building creative career pathways for youth. This data will be compiled, added to a growing list of stakeholders, advocates, programs and services within LA County, and shared broadly to align efforts across the region.